Ben Earl’s Unreal Card Magic Set: Buyer’s Guide and Review

Unreal Card Magic is a revolutionary offering in the realm of card magic, catering to both novices and professional magicians. It’s not just a magic kit; it’s a comprehensive learning experience designed to transform anyone into a skilled card magician.

For Beginners: This isn’t your ordinary magic kit guys! It’s a power-packed toolbox that promises to make you the center of attention, regardless of your starting skill level. The program covers everything from basic handling to advanced techniques, ensuring a swift and smooth learning curve. It’s particularly beneficial for those lacking in confidence or social skills, as it’s designed to bolster these areas significantly.

  • You don’t need special hands. 
  • You don’t need any special ability. 
  • You don’t need any prior knowledge, skill or dexterity. 

For Pros: Seasoned magicians will find immense value in this project. The detailed instruction provided by Ben Earl on angles, positioning, and psychology is a game-changer. This isn’t hyperbole – the insights offered could be worth thousands, given the depth and breadth of knowledge shared!

“Unreal Card Magic will teach YOU how to do the most face-melting, awe-inspiring, scream-inducing card magic on the planet!”

The Contents…

The kit includes…

  • Two premium decks of playing cards.
  • The much-anticipated WTF book.
  • A unique art piece, and extensive video tutorials.

And it’s all packed in a sleek wooden box engraved with ‘UNREAL’, making it an ideal gift.

Who It’s For: Suitable for anyone aged 12 and up, this kit is perfect for those looking to add a spark to their parties, boost their self-esteem, or simply learn an impressive new skill. It’s a thoughtful gift for loved ones or even a treat for yourself (heck, especially yourself)!

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!! This is BY FAR the best course on card magic that I have ever came across. The level of detail and nuances Ben gives you is priceless, let alone the tricks he shows you. It’s a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. It’s so nice and exciting to see new tricks you maybe haven’t seen yet, or the old school tricks like A.C.R, Ben approaches this trick in such a different way that it’s makes Magic feel exciting again. I only wish I became a backer so that I could have added Unreal Card Magic 2!!!! I already can’t wait for the second project, any ETA??”Dustin Urquhart

The Promise: Unreal Card Magic is all about learning effective, real-world magic. The tricks are meticulously selected and tested, ensuring they work every time. The material starts clean and ends clean, with no trick cards involved, making your magic appear genuinely real!

Brand-new magicians are always worried to show strangers magic, in case they get caught using trick cards. But the material they’re teaching you in Unreal Card Magic starts clean, ends clean & the deck is completely normal.

After the trick, if they ask to see the cards, they can. 

  • They’ll see nothing. 
  • They’ll find nothing.

With no clear explanation in sight, the only possibility – is that you did the impossible.

For example…

  • Instead of teaching you 20 ways to hide a card, they’ll be showing you one. The best one. 
  • Instead of the 5 techniques of false shuffling, they’ll teach you THE most deceptive one. 
  • Instead of teaching you 200 tricks that you’ll struggle to remember when put on the spot – they’ll teach you our favourite 12… 

You’ll learn 12 tricks that create THE most impact but are the easiest to perform. The Paper Switch is 1/12 taught on Unreal Card Magic!

Spoiler alert, there is a card hidden in Ben’s hand – but watch the guy (spectator), he has no idea. This random guy they met was a troop leader for the Girl Scouts – all of whom are behind the camera, watching… and they were fooled too. They had no idea. Not only is this an incredible trick that YOU CAN DO. But it’s also a demonstration of HOW effective Ben’s tips and nuances are. He can make sleight of hand, invisible. And now you can too!

Additional Offerings: Beyond the core content, there are add-ons like the ‘Primary Movement’ coin trick and the ‘Hand Intelligence Moves’ expansion pack. These extras delve deeper into the art of magic, enhancing your skills further! Pretty cool bonus!

The Future: There’s a promise of an additional project, “Unreal Card Magic 2,” which will include even more advanced tricks and insights, subject to the success of the current offering that you can view below…

“For decades Ellusionist has been the gateway for people to learn incredible magic tricks.

We’ve been able to raise over $1million on Kickstarter and delivered tens of thousands of beginner magic kits to people all over the world.

People just like you have taken these secrets and built confidence, enhanced their careers & found passion in life. 

To their friends, family & co-workers, they are now legends.

But there is something we haven’t done – until now. A dedicated project on the best card magic in the world.

Card magic has come a long way in the last 20 years. The cutting-edge techniques being developed today are like Michelin-star recipes.

They mix magic, timing, misdirection, movement & psychology to create certified miracles.

In 2021, I reached out to the best card magician in the world. And it’s taken almost 2 years for me to convince him to share his secrets – with you.

When I say this guy is the best in the world, and this is what you should be learning, whether you’re a beginner or pro – I mean it.

Being with Ellusionist for 8 years now, I’m lucky enough to see thousands of magic tricks per year. To meet hundreds of magicians per year. To work with the best in the business.

Ben was my white whale.

His magic is what I spend my own money on. 

His books are on my Christmas List – and after 17 years of learning magic  – it’s this material, the tricks & subtleties that you’ll learn in this project – that I’m currently doing.

I set out to bring you the best and I have, finally.” (Geraint Clarke – CEO of Ellusionist)

Unreal Card Magic is a really well-thought-out, expertly crafted pathway to mastering card magic. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this project offers a wealth of knowledge and skill that’s hard to find elsewhere!

This is the only magic set I would recommend if your a card magician, beginner or pro!

Click HERE to view on Ellusionist!

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