A Wizard’s Guide To Best Magic Kits in 2022

Hello Witches and Wizards!

Today I’ll be flying you through the best magic kits!

Magic kits help improve your magic – for many reasons.

In today’s post, I’ll be giving you all the information you will need to know about the best magic kits and why they are vital to have in your trolley when you get on the Hogwarts Express.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

  • The best magic kit for Potions
  • The best magic kit for Divination 
  • The best magic kit for Transfiguration and Charms
  • The best magic kit for History of Magic
  • The best magic kit for the Study of Ancient Runes
  • The Best magic kit suitcase

#1 Best Magic Kit for Potions:

Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit

Any child who wants to know the science behind magic will find this kit fun, informative and educational for ‘potions’ studies. This make-it-yourself kit is suitable for children aged 6 and above. However, it is for wizards only (and witches)!

The magic kit comes with an activity guide, test tubes, measuring scoops, and an assortment of chemicals. Your kid will also get to create their own wizard hat, an important accessory for serious wizards.

Kids will be engaged in nine fun activities, including creating test-tube crystals and a fizzy frenzy, among others. In between exploration and entertainment, there will be a lot of laughter.


  • Science-based magic kit                         
  • Cast spells and creates concoctions
  • Fun for the whole family


  • Given the ingredients and projects, adults might need to supervise


#2 Best Magic Kit for Divination:

Criss Angel Platinum Magic Kit

This product comes loaded with enough props to perform over 250 tricks! That’s enough to keep you busy for a while. This kit also comes with instructional videos from Criss himself to help you out if you get stuck at any point, which is a great idea.

This kit includes cups and balls, penetration glass, sponge balls, a secret floating device, and the ‘Mindfreak’ secret deck, among others.


  • An included manual for trick time
  • Learn from a master illusionist
  • Hundreds of magic tricks
  • Levitation secrets included


  • Some slight issues with props occasionally breaking


#3 Best Magic Kit for Transfiguration and Charms:

Evolushin Magic Set

The EVOLUSHIN Magic Kit by Shin Lim is one of the most innovative and exciting Magic kits on the market!

It is the best kit for transfiguration and charms because you will learn how to make items float in thin air (charms) and vanish items in your bare hands (transfiguration).

Normally most magic kits put focus on the ‘toys’ in the kit and not the person performing them. Shin Lim has developed a magic kit focused on the beginner which makes you the star of the show!

Shin did this by creating and adapting secret tools that will make you look like you have spent years learning difficult sleight of hand. The EVOLUSHIN kit will make your child look like a fully-fledged wizard or witch because all the tricks are professional level! 

Each trick has been handpicked for you to bring the maximum response from your audience.

Everything is easy to learn and perform!

You will receive all the secret tools and special apparatus to perform amazing magic:

  • Card magic
  • Coin magic
  • Make items float in thin air
  • Paper money magic
  • Vanish Items in your bare hands
  • Mind reading
  • Liquid magic
  • Make items appear and disappear
  • Make items magically change places
  • And much more

Teaching: All the teaching is taught by Shin Lim! This is just like getting a one on one private lesson from one of the world’s greatest magicians. 

Shin goes over all the details of each trick so you will not only know the secrets but how to perform them.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a head start in transfiguration and charms, then the EVOLUSHIN kit is for you! 

Check out this trailer on youtube


#4 Best Magic Kit for History of Magic:

Uncle Bunny Magic Kit

Uncle Bunny Magic Kit

The Uncle Bunny Magic Kit includes classic tricks so it’s an important kit for the history of magic.

The thumb tip and silk trick. Check.

The needles and coin trick? Check.

The cups and balls? Check.

Fluffy white rabbits? Check.

Also includes an instructional booklet and DVD!

#3 Study of Ancient Runes:

Mellisa and Doug Deluxe Magic Set

This magic box might not look quite as flashy and cool on the outside, but after taking a closer look you’ll begin to notice that the props are higher quality and less cheap-looking than others on the market.

This magic set might only have 10 possible tricks but they’re all really unique and well-made, so this kit feels more personal and loved than many of the alternatives (but then again, the payoff is fewer tricks – 10 compared with 500 for example).

It’s up to you, but with almost 1000 positive reviews I think there’s no arguing that this is still a safe bet; you’re getting a truly tried, tested, and loved product. At just under $30, the price is about the average for magic kits and although for that cost you might be able to find magic sets with more tricks, you’re guaranteed quality props with this one.


#5 BONUS ITEM Magic suitcase:

Ideal Magic Spectacular Suitcase

Looking for a magic kit that allows a witch or wizard to travel in style? This is your go-to magic kit. It comes with a suitcase that also doubles as a wizard’s table, a wand, and a hat. Your child can put on a show anywhere.

Suitable for children aged 8 and above, the kit contains tons of quality props. Your child can learn and master up to 100 tricks, including multiplying balls, a magic card shuffle, disappearing juice, and more. This suitcase can help store luggage bought from Diagon Alley.



It’s a given that magic kits are an important part of the Hogwarts shopping list, no matter how many chocolate frogs you want to buy. This is because the magic kits listed help with education, luggage, spells, and history.

The 6 magic kits list and what subject they link to:

  • Scientific Explorer Magic Science kit – Potions
  • Criss Angel Platinum Magic kit – Divination 
  • Evolushin Magic Set – Transfiguration and Charms
  • Uncle Bunny Magic Kit – History of Magic
  • Mellisa and Doug Deluxe Magic Set – Study of Ancient Runes
  • Ideal Magic Spectacular Suitcase – magic suitcase

Thank you for reading our best magic kits, hope you enjoyed it!

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