The 15 Best Magic Tricks Of 2020

Hey, guys today we’re back with the Best Magic Tricks of 2020! Obviously, there was a lot to pick from! In this list, I’ll be revealing the top 15 picks best magic tricks of 2020 (as well as a few honorable mentions).

This is just my personal opinion, of course.

We’ll show you all the way through this article where you get and therefore perform the best magic tricks of 2020.

So please, sit back, take your deck out and relax! 

Because it’s time for the: Best Magic Tricks of 2020.

Number 15 Pick: Pocket Nightmare

Pocket Nightmare made quite the scene when it made its debut in February of 2020. I remember seeing it being advertised all over at Blackpool Convention.

It’s a stunning and direct effect that looks like this:

The magician puts one of his hands in his pocket, telling his audience he will perform his next effect one-handed so that he can’t use any sneaky sleight of hand. A spectator peeks at a card from the deck.

The magician then is able to magically figure out the exact identity of the card. It seems like this might be the end of the effect until the magician hands the deck to the spectator and asks them to try to find their card in the deck.

They can’t find their chosen card anywhere in the deck.

At this point, the magician reminds them that he said he would perform this effect one-handed…

…but he didn’t say WHICH hand!

He removes his hand from his pocket, to show that he is holding the exact chosen card!

It soon became a huge bestseller, and has received praise from some of the best magicians in the world…

“Max Maven has created more usable magic than any other magician alive. His offerings are strong, direct and leave the participants speechless. This effect is no different in that respect. Strong, direct, and the typical “WTF… how!!” Max Maven experience.” – Banachek

“Pocket Nightmare is a dream effect with a typically beautiful Max Maven construction and a perfect presentation for a killer effect.”

Number 14 Pick: Executive Suite by David Minton

Executive Suite By David Minton is a pack small, play big mentalism effect with a great theme.

A prediction is placed out in full view before your spectator is shown 6 or 7 colored envelopes, each of the envelopes contains a room key card to a hotel each from a different country. 

Your spectator is given a free choice of any envelope (there is no force or equivoque of any kind used) 

The key card from their Envelope is removed, shown, and placed to one side (there is only one card in each envelope) All the other envelopes are now emptied to show each one contains a key from a different hotel and all key cards color match their own envelope.  Your spectator now opens your prediction and it’s a perfect match!

Executive Suite is a powerful stand-alone routine but can easily be incorporated into a larger routine.  There is no sleight of hand needed and nothing is added or taken away.

This really is super clean allowing you to concentrate on your presentation.

Executive Suite Comes Complete With:

  • Custom Designed High-Quality Hotel Key Cards   
  • Two Bonus (Humorous) Key Cards 
  • Two Sets Of Coloured Envelopes
  • Custom Design Reveal Postcard
  • Full tutorial Video

If you like or are interested in Mentalism, buy this product!

Number 13 Pick: The Evolution Project By Alejandro Navas

Diabolical, psychological card magic you can do right through your screen!

Learn 5 knock-out card effects that will take your Zoom performances to the next level!

Note: These effects were designed exclusively for Zoom Magic Shows and other virtual magic performances. This is a tremendous value.

Connection: A two-card transposition that can be done virtually. This is a true psychological masterpiece.

Empathy: Your spectator grabs a block of cards from their own deck, shuffles them, and fans them toward the camera. While they do this, they also glance at the cards and lock one in their mind. You then instruct them to fan the cards toward themselves, with the backs facing the camera. At the same time, you also fan out a packet of cards. Then, impossibly, you both reach into your spreads and retrieve the card that the spectator merely thought of. There is no way these cards should match, but they do!

The Rite: After your spectator fairly shuffles the deck, they remove a three of a kind and mix them with other random cards extremely fairly. This mixed-up packet of cards is then placed on the top of the deck and just like an oil and water routine, the three of a kind magically separate from the other cards. This amazing magic trick can even be instantly repeated!

Remote Ambition: The spectator randomly selects a face-down card and then, without looking at it, makes a mark on the face with a sharpie marker. This signed card is then lost in the deck. The spectator then takes part in an imagination game that quickly turns real when that marked card rises to the top of their deck of cards!

Berglas 2.0

The ultimate virtual closer. An ACAAN that can be done virtually. A spectator’s chosen card appears at a chosen number.

Number 12 Pick: The boy who cried magic by Andi Gladwin

Andi Gladwin is the co-founder of magic company Vanishing Inc. Over the last decade, he’s published hundreds of books from other magicians.

But this year, finally…

…it was Andi’s turn to publish his own work!

This book is Andi’s complete professional repertoire. 16 routines from one of the smartest magicians alive.

It’s also gorgeously produced and FEELS like a magic book.

We actually recently had Andi on our podcast, Of Sleights and Men.

To hear Andi talk about this book with us, check out the podcast below:

Here’s what other people have to say about this book…

“The Boy Who Cried Magic is a perfect magic book, written by the best writer in magic. The tricks are world-class performance pieces, and the book itself is stunning. Every magician should own it!”

– Dynamo

“The Boy Who Cried Magic is one of the most beautifully-designed magic books in recent memory. It looks and feels like something you’d find in an art bookstore. As for the magic, Andi Gladwin’s Undo Cut is a highly deceptive false cut that is going straight into my act.”

– Steve Cohen

Number 11 Pick: Colour Stix by Eric Stevens

Eric Stevens transforms one of the most commonly overlooked props into a powerhouse routine with Color Stix.

You’ll never look at the classic Hot Rod effect the same way again after downloading Color Stix. This is a must-watch for any close-up magic performer looking to add a showstopping magic trick to their routine.

Color Stix is professional quality, masterfully structured routine using a Hot Rod that is highly visual and incredibly engaging. You’ll be able to make the Hot Rod magically change, visually multiply, vanish and then reappear in impossible locations.

Eric will go into intricate detail about all the important moves and sleights as he walks you through the entire Color Stix routine. He’ll even teach you extra techniques and subtleties, including how to make your paddle move virtually invisible.

Additionally, at the very end, Eric will reveal his secret weapon that allows him to look like a superstar to bookers, using nothing but a Hot Rod. This advice alone is worth more than the entire download.

Click Here To Buy:

Number 10 Pick: Roller Coaster by Hanson Chien

This is an instant modern classic and the most organic version of the classic killer.

There are already many tricks that can make a coin go through the bottom of a glass. Among the many existing ideas, using a coaster is the best solution because it allows the use of an ungimmicked glass and coin.

That’s why Roller Coaster was born. It’s easy to carry, easy to use, and it’s a real coaster you will use in real life.

Almost any coins in this world can be placed in this coaster. You can also penetrate two coins at once, or use other objects. The surface of the coaster is made by Tyvek®, which keeps it stronger and waterproof.

Roller Coaster can do even more things when using your imagination — it has unlimited possibilities for you to discover.

Click Here To Buy:

Number 9 Pick: Cinemental by Nikolas Mavresis

I love this effect.

Maybe it’s because I love movies, but there’s something about it that’s so much fun.

The effect has two major phases…

First, you show your spectator that you have a deck of cards, where the face of each card is a movie poster. You give a packet of cards to them, and they freely cut to a random card.

They look at the movie poster on that card and remember it. They shuffle their cut-off packet as much as they like and hand you the cards. After dealing through the cards, you are able to tell them their exact chosen card (even though it has been shuffled thoroughly.)

But that’s just the ‘warm-up’ phase.

Second, you give another packet of cards to a second spectator. Before they do anything, you write down a prediction and leave it in full view. Next, you let them deal through the cards face up. They can stop at ANY point. When they do, you turn over the card and note the movie. Finally, you turn over your prediction to show that they match EXACTLY.

The method for this really is pretty much self-working. It’s very easy. The second phase especially has a really fun method – they can really stop anywhere they like, and your prediction really is the same one you made at the beginning.

It’s a great effect!

These people agree…

“I thought I knew what was going on… then that second phase, phenomenal!”

– Tom Elderfield

“Simple, strong, powerful!”

– Fraser Parker

“The first time I saw this I was fooled pretty badly. As a magician, it’s really easy to think there is more going on. The genius of this method is its simplicity. It puts you so far ahead that it feels almost self-working and lets you really focus on performance and presentation. A modern-day classic.”

– Jason Knowles

“Cinemental is a brilliant two-punch Mentalism piece that fooled the #%@#$ out of me. I simply had no clue as to the method, and when you see the method you will laugh out loud and hit yourself. It’s genius!”

– John Carey

Click Here To Buy:

Number 8 Pick: Instacann by Joel Dickinson

This is probably the easiest, most straightforward, least gimmicky, and clean ACAAN you will ever do. 

Instacaan takes “Card at Any Number” plot to incredible new heights and is guaranteed to leave your audience speechless after the kicker ending. 

Picture this:

After introducing a deck of cards, as well as a face-down prediction card, you instruct a member (or members) of the audience to pick a number between 1 and 52.

The playing cards are then carefully dealt until you reach that selected number. Impossibly, the card at this number perfectly matches your prediction that has been in view the entire time.

This would be an amazing card trick on its own. However, you’re just getting started. It’s about to get truly crazy!

After your audience has had a moment to collect themselves, you then spread the deck face up to reveal that every other card is completely BLANK. They won’t believe their eyes!

And, here’s the best part, they can even pick up the cards and look through them. 

There’s nothing to find.

Click Here To Buy:

Number Seven Pick: The Collecter by Nikolas Maveris

In 1908, 20 years after Jack The Ripper terrorized the streets of London a new killer was on the loose. This time the killer prayed on the wealthy. Nicknamed by the press as ‘The Collector’ because each time a murder was committed a personal item was taken from the victim. ‘The Collector’ was the first documented case of a serial killer taking what we know today as trophies from their victims.

The collector was also the first case to employ the service of a psychic investigator.

The Police had narrowed the suspect list down to ten people all of which themselves were wealthy and mixed in the same circles as their victims.

It’s now down to your spectator to become the Psychic investigator, solve the crime and catch ‘The Collector’!

The Collector is a self-working effect that combines beautiful props, a chilling storyline, and an unbelievably impactful and clean reveal.

There are:

  1. No Duplicates
  2. No double envelopes
  3. No R & S or sticky
  4. Everything may be examined

The Collector comes with everything you need to perform the effect.

Click Here To Buy:

Number 6 Pick: Acro Index by Blake Vogt

The Acro Index looks like a regular index card, but it allows you to do a fantastically visual change. You can perform countless tricks with this gimmick. 

Picture this:

You display an index card with a large question mark on one side. On the other side, you explain, is a prediction. You have a card chosen and then you ask, “would you be impressed if I had your card written on the back of this card”. You turn the card around to pull off the old gag. Indeed, the words “Your Card” are written in thick black marker on the card.

Here is where it gets cool. Holding the card at your extreme fingertips, you give the card a tiny shake and the text morphs into the name of the chosen card! It looks fantastic.

Many of you will probably be familiar with similar gimmicks but you should bear in mind some of these advantages that the Acro Index introduced:

You customize the gimmick however you like. There are endless possibilities!

  • The change is really visual thanks to the large surface area.
  • Completely self-working.
  • The design of the index card acts as the perfect disguise for the gimmick.

Click Here To Buy:

Number 5 Pick: Virtual Triumph by Adrian Lacroix

 As I mentioned at the start of this article, 2020 has been a strange year for magic.

With many magicians turning to Zoom for their performances, there was a sudden demand for effects that you can perform over a video call.

And that’s where Adrian Lacroix stepped in with his ‘Virtual Triumph’ effect.

Here’s what it looks like…

  1. You video call a friend. Both of you grab a deck of cards.
  2. Both of you shuffle face-up cards into face-down.
  3. The magician instantly and magically fixes their deck, leaving the 4 Aces face up.
  4. The exact same thing happens in the spectator’s deck!

This effect can be done using the gimmicks you’ll get when you order, or using the ‘gimmickless’ handling they also teach.

According to the official copy…

“Gimmicks are included in your purchase, but also included is a gimmickless handling, plus instructions on how to make your own gimmicks with things that you already have at home. You can start performing the routine right now, don’t have to wait until the gimmicks arrives!!!”

“Lacroix masks his method with super-smart misdirection. It’s perfect magical thinking.” Penn & Teller

“Virtual Triumph is one of the coolest self-working card tricks I have ever seen. I actually ‘fooled myself’ the first time I did it! I will definitely be adding this to my next interactive online magic show!” Cody S. Fisher

“Killer effect for virtual magic but also a great do as I do in person effect. Many variations and tips taught to fit any parameters.” – Ryan Shlutz

“I love this! Real magic that has power through a screen.” – Jon Armstrong

Click Here To Buy:

Number Four Pick: Smoke Watch Pro by Joao Miranda

I absolutely love this effect. It’s worth every penny that’s for sure!

The Smoke Watch Pro produces beautiful clouds of smoke which sublimely enhances the magic effect. This watch is slicker, slimmer, and more comfortable to wear than ever before.

The newly redesigned circuit board makes this not only more comfortable to wear but has a better smoke or longer smoke production depending on your preference and an internal battery, so you no longer have to remove and replace it. The wireless charger is simple to use and easy to carry. You can also now activate the watch not only using the normal activation but now it can also be activated by simply pushing on the crown. Even the smoke pipe has been improved. With its new turbine design, it is extremely durable and will not come off unless you remove it manually. This innocent-looking watch packs major power.

Here is a trailer for the Smoke Watch Pro

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to enhance your magic tricks, buy this product.

Click Here To Buy:

Number Three Pick: FPS Wallet by Brent Braun

The search is finally over my friends. Because this is the last card to wallet you will ever carry.

The FPS Wallet isn’t just a magic wallet. It is designed to be your actual wallet, with room for your ID, credit cards, and cash. It also has RFID-blocking material that stops unwanted wireless scans to protect your credit card information. … So basically a slim, stylish, minimalist, modern magic wallet that you should carry with you everywhere.

However, it also carries a secret…

The key features of this wallet are:

  • The perfect everyday carry card to wallet
  • Made from 100% leather. Carbon fiber texture outside, smooth black leather inside
  • RFID-blocking equipped
  • 4 internal credit card slots & 1 easy-access outer credit card pocket
  • Removable/repositionable steel money clip
  • Clear ID window
  • Fast & smooth loading system
  • Super slim. You’ll barely notice it in your pocket
  • Designed by Brent Braun
  • Video instructions for Signed Card to Wallet & Borrowed ID to Wallet included

In the video instructions, Brent guides you through the features of the wallet, multiple ways to set it up & load it, and teaches you his real-world handlings of Signed Card to Wallet. Also included is Gregory Wilson’s dynamite routine where a borrowed ID appears inside your wallet. 

Click Here To Buy:

Number Two Pick: Anverdi Mental Die

This could very well be the best modern magic prop on the market! It is one of the most powerful secret weapons a magician or mentalist can have. 

This is just an incredibly reliable and secretive way of divining the number of a dice that you don’t even touch, although it’s just a one in six trust me when I say this blows spectators away.

Of course, using it just as divination is worth the money, but there are so many other possibilities and routines possible with this device.

Here are a few tricks that you can perform using Mental Die to unlock its full potential (the possible uses are endless). 

  • Color Match. A fun color by the numbers game where a spectator randomly fills in a drawing with 6 different colors. You then show you correctly predicted the choices they’d make. You can even be wearing the prediction!
  • Dream Lunch. The spectator randomly selects various foods based on how they roll the die. Despite how fair this is, you somehow have already purchased every item they selected.
  • CAAN. Two spectators roll the die and secretly memorize their numbers. A card is selected and then lost in the deck. Each spectator then takes turns dealing down cards until they get to their secret number. Impossibly, the last card dealt turns out to be their selected card. This can be performed in large groups or even one-on-one.
  • The Mental Shuffle. A spectator secretly memorizes the number they rolled. Six different items are then mixed up until they freely call stop. They then pick the object that corresponds with their secret number. Despite the fact they made all these free choices, you are able to reveal that your prediction (which has been in view the entire time) perfectly matches their choice.

If you want to start blowing people’s minds, buy this product! It’s Incredible!

Click Here To Buy:

Honorable Mentions:

Revolve by Nicholas Lawrence

Revolve is a utility device that includes visually stunning effects!

This project includes Changes, Transpositions, and even Vanishes of a folded card. Hyper visual effects like never before!

The card morphs from one color to another in an instant and can be done in numerous ways – you can even let the magic happen in the spectator’s hand! With any of the numerous effects included, the card can be unfolded and handed out for examination and even given away as a souvenir of this magical moment.

Click Here To Buy:

Outstanding by Marc Oberon

A game-changer, 52 possibilities from only ONE Pocket.

Outstanding provides the performer with the greatest amount of Outs ever via a Single Pocket. Playing Cards, American States, Football Teams, Makes of Car – Anything you can imagine, you can predict.

Perfect for Zoom. Resets instantly for a close-up. Easy to perform.

If you are looking for a practical multiple-out system with almost infinite mentalism and magic applications, then “Outstanding” is for you.

What You Get:

  • 52 pre-written playing cards.
  • Plenty of blank papers.
  • 40 minutes of in-depth video instructions.
  • Outstanding envelopes.

Click Here To Buy:

Locked and Loaded by Ryan Schlutz

This trick is awesome. Picture this:

Imagine predicting anything, at any time, with no preparation. A spectator merely thinks of a playing card, vacation spot, sports team, or anything else you can imagine. Without hesitation, you show a matching photo on your phone’s lock screen.

Highly recommended and guaranteed to shock. 

Click Here To Buy:

Number 1 Pick: The Skyscraper Method

I will admit that this is a piece of blatant and shameless self-promotion…since this is OUR product.

However, that said, I also think it would be fair to say…

…this product is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking products of the last year!

Many magicians have heard of the memorized deck, and they know it’s rumored to be THE best tool for achieving the most powerful effects in magic.

But many magicians also have no idea how THEY can start using the memorized deck.

The Skyscraper Method is a complete course in mastering the memorized deck…walking you from being a beginner that doesn’t even know how to memorize the deck, to a wizard performing the same effects as magicians like David Blaine, Juan Tamariz, and Chan Canasta.

We don’t intend to offer this product to the public. However, if you go to our homepage and sign up for our emails, you’ll be offered the chance to own this course at a significant discount.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your email

Step 3: We’ll start sending you emails – soon you’ll get a chance to own the Skyscraper Method in its entirety.


Thank you for reading the top 15 best magic tricks of 2020. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll get back to you when you leave a comment below.

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