My Favourite Card Tricks & Routines

Here’s a complete guide to the best (and all of my favourite) card tricks.

If you’re looking to learn card magic or add to your repertoire, this is a good place to start!

What you’ll find on this page:

  • Explanations of famous card tricks, where to learn them & performance tips
  • Curated lists of tricks and routines (impromptu, self-working, etc.)

What you won’t find: Quick reveals of magic tricks from TV or celebrity magicians. This is a learning resource (at least, it aspires to be!) and not the place to find out how something is done just to satisfy curiosity.

Card Tricks Overviews, Tips & Roundups

What you’ll find on these posts: Here you’ll have a complete guide to learning card tricks as a beginner. At the end of this guide I will provide a link to the thirteen different types of card trick’s post (and Evan will provide examples for each type of card trick). There may be new and innovative effects created by genius card magicians, but they will always, more or less, fall under these 13 card trick categories that have been around for decades. Learn them.

Once you eventually reach the point where you know enough tricks to last them pretty much the rest of their lives it’s time to start thinking about getting more mileage out of your favourite effects before you seek out new ones. When this happens learn the six ways to make your card tricks stronger.

What you’ll find on these posts:

This library of content was created with the aim of giving you The 7 Best Card Tricks & Routines for some of the best types of card tricks in magic.


  • Best Impromptu Card Tricks
  • Best Spelling Card Tricks
  • Best Prediction Card Tricks
  • Best Story-Based Card Tricks
  • Best Colour-Changing Card Tricks
  • Best Self-Working Card Tricks

Individual Card Trick Breakdowns

What you’ll find on these posts:

This library of content was created and is still being created with the aim of giving you A Complete Guide to some of the most famous and classical card tricks known to man.


Complete Guide To…

  • The Ambitious Card Routine
  • Out Of This World Card Trick
  • The Torn & Restored Card Trick
  • The Card Warp Trick
  • The 21 Card Trick
  • The Triumph Card Trick