Easy Coin Magic Tricks: Our Top 4 Picks!

Easy coin magic tricks 


What do you see? 

Close your eyes and take a moment to think. 


Most people-when they envision magicians-see glossy suits and a matching tophat, a deck of cards splayed in their hands. Okay, maybe that’s a little outdated, but you get the picture. What they DON’T expect are coins. And if there’s ever a playing ground magicians THRIVE on, it’s the unexpected. 

I know what you might be thinking; coin magic tricks aren’t unexpected, they’re the most basic tricks out there, no ones gonna be amazed by them! If that’s you, AWESOME, because in this article, we’re going to show you 5 different coin magic tricks that YOU can easily do yet will still leave your audience gasping. \

Easy Coin Magic Trick One:

1. Coin vanish under glass. This one is nice and easy, especially for kids, however, it’s a trick all will enjoy. Follow the step-by-step instructions below or watch the following video linked below. 


● A glass 

● A coin

● Scissors 

● Two sheets of paper 

● Glue 

● A pen 

● Aluminum foil 


1. Place the glass onto one of the sheets of paper and draw its outline. 

2. Cut out carefully using the line drawn. 

3. Stick the piece of paper on the rim of the glass. 


1. Put the coin on the second sheet of paper, and at its side the glass upside down. 2. Cover the glass with the aluminum foil and put it above the coin. 

3. Snap your fingers, take off the aluminum foil, and the coin has disappeared. 4. Cover the glass again and take off the glass making sure you don’t show the piece of paper. 

5. Discreetly let the glass fall onto your legs, keeping the aluminum foil in your hand. 6. With one hand, take off the piece of paper stuck on the glass. With the other hand, put the aluminum foil above the coin, just like you were putting the glass above it. 7. Pretend you’re going to catch the glass under the table and crush the aluminum foil, and voilà! Show the glass that was hidden under the table. 


Make sure you don’t show the piece of paper placed under the glass and that you’re letting the glass fall onto your legs. 

Easy Coin Magic Trick Two:

2. Coin vanish with aluminium foil. This simple trick shares two things in common with the first. It’s a coin vanish, and it’s nice and simple. To learn how to perform this vanish, read the step by step instructions below.

Easy Coin magic Tricks


● Four coins (quarters work well) 

● A small square of foil 

● Scissors 


1. Place the square of foil on top of one of the coins and rub it with your thumb to make a good impression of the coin in the foil. 

2. Carefully cut out the fake coin from the foil. Be sure to allow for “sides” of the coin. 3. Arrange the other coins around the fake coin and you’re ready to perform the trick. 4. 4. Show the coins to spectators and make sure that they acknowledge that there are four coins. 

5. Close your hand and crush the foil into a tiny ball. 

6. When you open your hand again, display three coins. The piece of foil is hidden under the other coins. 

WHAT YOUR AUDIENCE SEES: You hold four coins in your hand. You close your hand and when you open it again, a single coin has disappeared. 

NOTE, you’ll want to experiment with the placement of the foil relative to the other coins. The key here is to situate the fake foil coin so it’s easy to crush when you close your hand.

Easy Coin Magic Trick Three:

3. Coin through hand. Instead of the typical coin vanishes that are so well known, here is another coin magic trick where a coin appears to have been push through your hand. As simple as that. All you’ll need are two hands and a coin. Oh, and the instructions. 

Check out the coin through hand magic trick instead with this video! 

1. You have the second coin in a thumb clip or thumb crotch position. 

2. Turn this hand down, pick up one coin, show it to your friends, angle your hand so that your hand is at an angle. 

3. Say that you’re going to find your soft spot by tapping the coin on your hand. This is the acting part. 

4. Then you’re going to count to three. When you get to the number three, you’re going to push the coin that you’re holding gently onto the back of your hand with your fingers screening it from your audience’s view. 

5. When you get to three and that coin is pushed, throw your fingers like that, and your thumb against your hand, you’re going to drop the coin that’s in the thumb crotch down. 6. And it will land either in your friends hand if you have them cup their hands underneath your hand, or it will land on a table if you’re just performing on a hard surface. 

Easy Coin Magic Trick Four:

4. The Mind-Reading Coins 

This trick is a bit different to the previous 3, however it is still a simple and fun coin trick, and will have your audience convinced you’re a true mind-reader. It’s impromptu, meaning it’s a great party trick that you can use to impress your friends and family with at any time.

● Before you start, grab three different coins (i.e. penny, nickel, quarter) or bills. Then, write a prediction on a piece of paper or text it to a friend (just make sure they don’t open it early). For this example, we will write “you will choose the penny” as our prediction. 

● Place all the coins on the table. You’re now going to perform something called the “Magician’s Choice” which uses clever wording to make them select a coin you want them too. 

● Ask your friend to place their hands on top of any of the two coins and slide them toward you. 

● If they slide the nickel and quarter, emphasize how by eliminating the quarter and nickel, they have SELECTED to KEEP the penny (the wording is important). They can then open the prediction to see you’ve performed a miracle. 

● If one of the two coins they slide is your prediction (i.e. the nickel and penny), you’ll immediately ask them to pick up these coins into their hands. As they do, you’ll push the remaining coin (in this case, the quarter) to the side stating how “they’ve chosen to eliminate the quarter”. 

● Tell them to give you one coin (being vague here is key). If they hand you the penny, say “Great, you’ve SELECTED the penny” and proceed to the prediction. 

● If they hand you the nickel, say “great, we’ll get rid of this one too” and place it alongside the quarter on the table. Mention how they’ve chosen to “KEEP” the penny”. Then proceed to the prediction. 

Well, we hope you enjoyed learning these simple coin magic tricks. Coin tricks are awesome because unlike a deck of playing cards, most people will likely have a few coins handy whatever the situation. That means you can do these magic tricks wherever youare! Thank you so much for sticking around to the end of this post and we hope you have a ‘quarter’ of the fun we had trying out these tricks!