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Here, you’ll find all my best articles, resources, and reviews of popular playing cards.

(I’ll even offer breakdowns and performance tips for trick decks and gimmicked decks that can help take your magic to the next level.)

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Regular Playing Cards

The best cards for magic (my 5 favorites)

The best cards for cardistry (9 gorgeous choices)

Rider Back vs Standard Bicycle cards

Bordered vs borderless cards

Different types of cards in a deck explained

The parts of a playing card explained

The different types of decks of cards

How much does a deck of cards cost?

Trick Decks

Complete guide to trick decks of cards

How to make & perform the Brainwave Deck

How to make & perform the Invisible Deck

How to make your own Haunted Deck

Gimmicked Cards

How to use double backer cards

How to use double face cards