5 Card Magic Apps That Will Make Your Audience Speechless

Hello my friend! 

Magic apps usually fall into one of two categories…

  • They teach you how to perform amazing magic! ✔
  • They are the magic! ✔

In today’s post we’ll be looking at the best card magic apps for performing amazing magic that will help you win friends, and be the life of any party! 

Sounds good? 

Let’s begin. 

What are the best card magic apps? 

  1. Master Any Stack
  2. Maxim 
  4. Magic Trick Number #12
  5. The Stranger

Number 5 Pick: Master Any Stack by Jacob Daniels

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: $39.99

Rating: 5/5

I’m cheating slightly with this one!

While ‘Master Any Stack’ isn’t a magic effect in an of itself, it teaches you how to master the most powerful tool in card magic.

The Memorised Deck.

There are many different stacked decks, some better than others, but pretty much all top magicians agree that a ‘Stack’ is the most powerful tool in all of card magic.

There’s only one problem though…

Stack is notoriously hard to master and resources are few and far between. 

How can YOU memorize a deck without forgetting the card’s positions after about five seconds? 

Well, how do we enjoy anything these days?

We gamify it. 

So I got ambitious, what if I could create an app?

The app would need to be a lot of things, but most of all, it would need to do everything below.

Imagine This!

  • Within 1 hour you’re able to go through the stack from start to finish with relative ease (we showed how to do this LIVE using the ‘Babylon secret’). 
  • Practicing stack everyday is as easy as opening your email!
  • You can learn any stack you want, with relative ease (no more silly questions about “which stack!?”)
  • You have a tool that allows you to practice stack your way (complete customisation!)
  • Stack mastery is not a chore – but a leisurely process that you hardly notice is happening!
  • You have an easy application for studying your existing stack and making sure it’s always up to scratch! (the stack is a tool that must be properly maintained or it becomes dull very quickly…)

This app will give you the ability to learn stacked decks in a way you never could before by making the process more ‘fun’ than it is ‘work!’.

This all sounds a little to good to be true right?

Not this time! 

Have a look for yourself…

View ‘Master any Stack

Number 4 Pick: MAXIM by Lloyd Barnes

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: £19.99

Rating: 5/5 (on Merchant of Magic…)

MAXIM is an awesome app that instantly calculates and discreetly delivers to you the perfect hands-off reveal for any freely named card in a deck that’s been mixed by the spectators.

Effect: You hand the spectator a deck. (in any stack of your choice – this is why I love Master Any Stack! It opens the door to a whole new world of magic).They “shuffle” the deck under the table or behind their back whilst freely naming any card. Let’s say the name the “King of Hearts”. They bring the deck out and immediately you know up to three different ways that they can reveal their own card. For example; They deal down to the exact date of the month and their card is exactly there!

“When a number has meaning, whether it’s counting to their birthday, spelling the card’s name or even counting to the exact date of the year, the boring old ACAAN takes on new life, feels more personal and more importantly more magical.

The beauty of maxim, unlike most other apps, is that your phone is used in a covert way, and to the spectator has nothing to do with the trick.

  • Easy to do. Perfect for beginners.
  • You do not need to know any stack. There is zero memory work. No mental math at all.
  • Works in any language and can be fully customized.
  • Works with any stack in the world. Including a visual stack editor.
  • Every reveal can be fully customized.
  • Multiple input options.
  • Multiple peek options including notifications.
  • Customizable spectator profiles to take MAXIM to miracle status.”

Merchant of Magic

“A lot of apps come and go with trends. Maxim lives on my homescreen. It’s genius.” – Christian Grace

Number 3 Pick: ANYCARD!

Price: $5.99

Rating: 3.7/5

Platform: Android or iOS (Most likely…)

ANYCARD is a magic app that offers a wide range of magic tricks, including card predictions, mind reading and card transformations!


  • Can also be used without cards.
  • Unlimited possibilities.
  • Immediate reset.
  • Simple to perform.

One of the best things about ANYCARD is that it allows you to make any card in the deck appear on your phone’s display, instantly and without difficulty!

Number 2 Pick: Magic Trick Number #12

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: $2.99

The Effect: The spectator selects a card, and you open the Magic Trick #12 app on your phone. When you point the phone towards the deck of cards, the playing cards’ tuck case appears inside a fire circle on the screen. Pressing the display covers the cards with a futuristic box, and when the screen is touched again, the spectator’s chosen card is visibly displayed.

P.S. I’ve linked out to the app Magic Tricks by Micheal Montier. I believe you can buy this effect within the app for $2.99.

Number 1 Pick: The Stranger by Jonathon Levit

Platform: iOS (and possibly Android)

Price: $149.99

Rating: 4.9/5

This was one of the most exciting releases of 2019, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the app and try it out myself!

The Stranger, by Jonathan Levit, is an iPhone app that allows you to perform a ‘hands-free’ miracle anytime, anywhere using just your phone.

Imagine this:

You ask your audience to name any card – and it really can be ANY card. You hand your phone to your audience, and ask them to type a RANDOM phone number into your phone. Again, this really is another free choice.

Then, they hit ‘call.’ A total stranger answers the phone, and you ask them to name a card. The stranger names a random card…and guess what?

It’s the EXACT same card your audience named.

That’s a powerful trick.

If you want to find out more go check out our post on THE STRANGER.

Well, that’s it for today folks!

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