Six Free Magic Apps to try in 2021

As you may know, free magic apps are an extremely useful tool to help kick-off, improve and add variety to your magic.

In today’s post,  I’ll be making a list of the best free magic apps which you can try whenever you like to help improve your magic.

  1. Magic Tricks by Mikael Montier 
  2. Magic Tricks Revealed Free
  3. 52kards
  4. Mind Reader
  5. Magic Amino
  6. Card Tricks For Beginners

Free Magic App Number 1: Magic Tricks by Mikael Montier

Micheal has done a fantastic job with this creative magic app. It’s the perfect app for everyone; beginners, intermediates, and experts. Mikael and his team describe each effect clearly and easily. 

Magic Tricks by Mikael Montier is a collection of 24 epic digital magic effects. Using this magic app, you will be able to surprise and impress friends and family! Or a date!!

This magic app includes many tricks using advanced reality technology and is well-matched with the most famous playing cards of the market (detection of more than 50 different decks).

12 digital magic tricks are free to use with unlockable features.

Also, you have free access to more than 70 magic trick video tutorials.

Here is a trailer of the app below.

Free Magic Apps Number 2: Magic Tricks Revealed Free

The Magic Tricks Revealed Free will show you how to become a magician through watching and learning the videos. It has more than 1000 magic tricks available and the tricks aren’t only for beginners, but also advanced magicians!

The app has the following tricks:

  1. Card tricks
  2. Coin tricks
  3. Money tricks
  4. Bar/Party tricks
  5. Levitation 
  6. hand/fingers
  7. Optical illusions
  8. Transform

The videos teach you the basics, step by step. Have Fun.

Note: If you like this app they also have a Pro-Version which includes more tricks (price is 3.49).

Free Magic Apps Number 3: 52kards

52Kards enables you to learn from hundreds of free magic tutorial videos and shop for all the top brands of designer playing cards. 

Here’s a list of some of the magic tricks you will learn:

  • Blind Toss
  • In Hands Riffle Shuffle
  • Overhand Shuffle
  • One-Handed Pop Out Move
  • Ribbon Spread and Flip
  • Spreading Cards
  • Double Paintbrush Color Change
  • Design for Laughter
  • The Glide

And much more!

Free Magic Apps Number 4: Mind Reader (Card Magic Trick)

The Mind Reader (Card Magic Trick) app contains a collection of the most unusual digital tricks. Using the instructions in this app you can surprise everyone around you.

All the tricks in this app are categorized. But, the most important feature is the presence of a huge number of tricks with playing cards.

A vivid example of an interesting focus in this application is the illusion of ‘Final Cards’.

You will need a deck of 52 cards. Ask the viewer to pull out the 3 cards and remember them.

Next, you need to make three decks. The first deck of 10 cards, the other two decks of 15 cards. This way you will have 9 cards left. You need to put them aside.

The viewer puts their cards on each of the three decks. The remaining 9 cards should be placed under the third deck. Then place the third deck on the second deck. All these cards should be placed on the first deck.

In the end, you just need to pull out the viewer’s cards. For this focus, you will need not only knowledge of the focus, but also an excellent memory.

Free Magic Apps Number 5: Magic Amino

The Magic Amino app will help you learn the most unusual tricks. You will be able to surprise your friends, with only a regular deck of playing cards.

This app contains a huge collection of information about various tricks. There are even tricks using augmented reality. This is a real breakthrough in the field of virtual illusions.

Also in this application, you can access video tutorials. Thanks to them, it will be easier for you to understand and learn the real tricks and their performance.

Thanks to this variety you will be able to use different decks of playing cards. The tricks here are adapted to 50 different decks.

Here you will find illusions for every taste. So, you can surprise your friends by guessing the card they have made.

You can use the virtual and real deck of cards. When using a real deck you need to prepare in advance and learn all the instructions for the focus.

You can also put your phone near you to peek into the instructions sometimes. But, don’t forget that you need to surprise your friends. This means that you should hide your phone from unnecessary glances.

Magic Amino is the fastest-growing mobile social network for magicians and magic enthusiasts!

Magic Amino can:

– Build a profile showing your passion for magic;

– Connect with other magicians around the world;

– Discuss your favorite magicians, tricks, acts, and what you want to learn.

Free Magic Apps Number 6: Card Tricks For Beginners

Are you into tricks and illusions? Then the Card Tricks for Beginners app will help you to go deeper into the process. Here you will learn a lot of tips on how to do interesting tricks with playing cards.

This app is suitable for beginners and amateurs as well as for professionals. Also, here you will find a variety of tricks with coins, cubes, and other magical devices.

In addition in the app Card Tricks for Beginners, you will find a selection of different video lessons. They will help you better understand the most unusual and mysterious illusions.

For all the tricks you will need a deck of playing cards. You can use a variety of decks. For example, the most common are 36 and 52 card decks. Surprise viewers by guessing the card they have wished for. Or show them a popular illusion with the disappearance of an entire deck.

Thanks for reading Six Free Magic Apps to try in 2021, and as always if you have any questions comments or feedback please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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