The Top 10 Coolest Playing Cards in 2024

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What are the coolest playing cards?

  1. Street Magic
  2. Killer Bees
  3. Artisan
  4. Black Tiger
  5. Ghost Cohorts
  6. Republics
  7. Alpha & Omega
  8. Lord of the Rings
  9. Charity Water
  10. Mystery Deck

PLUS A BONUS ITEM: Bruce Lee Playing Cards

Okay, let’s kick things off and get going! This list will be completely subjective so feel free to disagree with me on my list, I’d be happy to hear another opinion if you think I might have got a detail wrong (leave your feedback in the comments section just below this post).

Number 10 Pick: Street Magic (Private Reserve)

Creativity: 7

Art and Design: 7

Overall: 7/10

The Street Magic Deck from Ellusionist’s Private Reserve is a special release that blends nostalgia with exclusivity. Originally created as a 20-year anniversary gift for Brad Christian, founder of Ellusionist, this deck represents a milestone in the journey of street magic.

Crafted with a vintage design that harks back to the early 2000s, the Street Magic Deck is more than just a tool for tricks; it’s a tribute to the roots of modern street magic. Its crushed stock offers a buttery-soft feel, ensuring a superior handling experience that veterans and enthusiasts of magic will appreciate.

However they had to print 2,500 to meet order minimums. That’s more decks than Brad could personally use in a lifetime so if you want one of these, don’t wait!

Click HERE to view on Ellusionist.

Number 9 Pick: Killer Bees

Creativity: 6

Art and Design: 10

Overall: 8/10

Killer Bees by Ellusionist is not just a deck of playing cards; it’s a striking narrative woven into a deck. Inspired by the tale of genetically modified bees, this deck is both a visual and conceptual masterpiece. The story behind the cards is as intriguing as it is dark: a fusion of European honey bees and African bees, introduced in Brazil for a scientific purpose, escaping and unleashing an unintended consequence.

The faces of the cards maintain this theme, with custom pips that exude a sinister simplicity, and the back as a storm of bees!

NOTE: A portion of the sales is donated to the IUCN organisation, underlining Ellusionist’s commitment to environmental conservation.

Click HERE to view on Ellusionist.

Number 8 Pick: Artisan Luxury Playing Cards

Creativity: 6

Art and Design: 10

Overall: 8/10

The design for this deck is exquisite and elegant, these really are luxury playing cards! One of the best-looking decks I have seen in quite some time!

To its credit, it also boasts high-quality and durable cards (something that isn’t being taken into consideration for the purpose of this list but is equally important nonetheless). The perfect gift for any magician or card collector!

“The best playing cards ever produced” – David Copperfield

Click HERE to view these luxury playing cards on Amazon.

Number 7 Pick: Black Tiger (Revival Edition)

Creativity: 6

Art and Design: 10

Overall: 8/10

The Black Tiger Deck by Ellusionist stands as a bold statement in the world of playing cards, embodying the essence of style and uniqueness. In a realm dominated by traditional white paper cards, the Black Tiger Deck emerges as a striking contrast with its all-black design.

It retains the classic rider-back design yet transforms it with a monochromatic color scheme, giving it a fierce and formidable appearance.

The quality of the deck matches its visual appeal. It boasts a crushed, thin, and durable stock, reflecting the advancements in card manufacturing. This deck is not just about looks; it’s built to endure (Jeez, this is getting a little to nerdy).

This deck sold out within 96 hours of it’s release but it’s back in stock now!

Claim yours below…

Click HERE to view on Ellusionist.

Number 6 Pick: Ghost Cohorts

Creativity: 6

Art and Design: 10

Overall: 8/10

The Cohort Ghosts deck is the latest addition to Ellusionist’s popular Cohort series, quickly becoming a sought-after item with crafty resellers already listing it at $21 on eBay. This deck is renowned for its simplicity and vintage casino-style design, featuring classic court cards and a nostalgic back design that appears unassuming yet is perfect for card tricks and games.

Each deck includes 52 cards, 2 jokers, a double-backer, and a duplicate Queen of spades, specifically tailored for magical purposes. The back design incorporates subtle markings, invisible to the untrained eye but easily readable by magicians and mentalists.

The Ghost White edition marks a significant upgrade in quality, being printed on luxury pressed E7 stock – Cartamundi’s answer to ‘Bicycle Crushed’. This new stock is thinner and more luxurious, providing a superior feel that card enthusiasts and professionals have long desired. These cards look beautiful!

Click HERE to view on Ellusionist.

Number 5 Pick: Republics (Jeremy Griffith Edition)

Creativity: 6

Art and Design: 10

Overall: 8/10

At the Blackpool Magic Convention, anticipation for the Republic No.03’s – The Lost Angelus Edition was so high, that enthusiasts arrived before Ellusionist’s own team!

This deck, crafted from Cartamundi’s luxury pressed E7 stock, offers a perfect blend of softness, thinness, and durability, enhancing the ease of performing sleights while ensuring the deck’s longevity.

The borderless design of the Republic No.03’s elevates the subtlety of techniques like top changes, second deals, and false shuffles, making complex maneuvers like culls look effortlessly seamless.

Ellusionist has successfully catered to both collectors and card workers with this deck, merging exceptional design with unmatched performance. The Republic No.03’s – The Lost Angelus Edition is now available, showcasing Ellusionist’s dedication to creating superior playing cards.

Click HERE to view on Ellusionist.

Number 4 Pick: Alpha & Omega

Creativity: 9

Art and Design: 10

Overall: 9/10

The Alpha and Omega Playing Cards are not just playing cards; they’re storytelling pieces. Each deck in the Alpha & Omega series meticulously captures a distinct era in Biblical history, featuring characters and events that bring to life both the heroes and villains of these times. They are ideal for sparking faith conversations or for personal reflection.

The tuck-boxes themselves are display-worthy, with intricate embossed gold foil both inside and out, providing a clean and elegant showcase for the cards. The use of metallic gold ink throughout the deck adds a touch of beauty and a premium feel.

Every Court card (Jacks, Queens, and Kings), Ace, and Joker represents a specific character or event from the deck’s period, rich with subtle details that reveal more of the story the longer you examine them.

These decks offer a unique and engaging way to integrate the Bible into the lives of magicians and card game enthusiasts. They’re accessible and understandable for everyone.

There are three distinct decks available: Reformation, Early Church, and Great Awakening. Each deck is available for purchase individually at $11.76.

This collection presents a creative and original approach to bring Biblical stories to a wide audience through the universal language of playing cards.

Click HERE to view Reformation on Amazon.

Number 3 Pick: Movie (and Book) Playing Cards

Creativity: 10

Art and Design: 10

Overall: 10/10

There are many different types of playing cards made from movies and books, here are six of my favourite…

  1. Lord of the Rings
  2. Mistborn
  3. Harry Potter
  4. Star Wars
  5. Dune
  6. James Bond

I currently own the Mistborn playing cards but after having a look at the Lord of the Rings one, I’m not sure it’ll be on it’s own much longer!

Click HERE to view Lord of the Rings Playing Cards on Amazon (P.S. the list above link to the rest)!

Number 2 Pick: Charity Water Playing Cards

Rating: 10/10

Each deck purchased contributes to a vital cause. charity: water is a dedicated non-profit that delivers clean, safe drinking water to communities in developing countries.

The grim reality is that diseases from unclean water claim more lives annually than all forms of violence, including war. Every cent from the sales of charity: water playing cards is funneled directly into their life-saving operations.

For a decade, charity: water has committed 100% of public donations to funding water projects, successfully providing clean water to over 7 million individuals across 24 nations.

In each location, charity: water partners with local experts and communities to implement the most sustainable solutions. These projects are not just about providing water; they involve comprehensive sanitation and hygiene training and the establishment of local Water Committees to ensure long-term water access.

By purchasing a deck of these playing cards, you’re not just acquiring a product; you’re part of a broader movement tackling the global water crisis. These cards, a collaboration between charity: water and theory11, are crafted using environmentally conscious paper, sourced from hydroelectric power and renewable energies. Your purchase is more than a deck—it’s a step towards ending the water crisis.

Click HERE to view on Theory11.

Number 1 Pick: Mystery Deck

Creativity: 10

Art and Design: 10

Overall: 10/10

Secure a unique or unreleased deck – guaranteed. No ordinary decks, no overstock, and absolutely no underperformers.

The Ellusionist Mystery Deck offers a thrilling opportunity to acquire a deck that’s either not yet released (never sold on Ellusionist before) or a rare find from their inventory. They often have a few decks prepared ahead of their official launches, and this Mystery Deck is an exciting way for you to be part of the anticipation for their new releases.

For a mere $10.34, you’re assured a deck that’s either currently unreleased or a rare gem. No second-rate or unsold cards are included in this offer.

Please note, DROP 21 has concluded. The deck offered has been updated as of July 18th, 2023, marking the start of DROP 22.

If you’ve previously purchased the Mystery Deck before July 18, 2023, rest assured, your new purchase will be a different, yet-to-be-released deck.

Keep in mind, Ellusionist’s Mystery Deck is not a random selection from various decks. It is one specific rare or unreleased deck that is refreshed every month or so. Therefore, buying multiple decks at once will result in receiving duplicates of the same exclusive design.

Click HERE to view on Ellusionist.

P.S. I didn’t really want to make this list an 11 but there are such things as Bruce Lee Playing cards and I think they are pretty cool.

Click HERE to have a look for yourself!

Thank you for reading the top 10 coolest playing cards in 2024. It was quite the collection! If you’d like a guide all about PLAYING CARDS click the link below…

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