Complete Guide to Sleight of Hand with Cards

Here’s my complete guide to sleight of hand with playing cards, including a library of card sleights.

From A-Z, from easy, beginner sleight of hand, to advanced card technique, you’ll (eventually) find it all here!

Explore the sleights and articles below for explanations, tips, and video tutorials to help you learn the best card moves.

Looking to get started with card magic?

There’s a whole big world out there, full of thousands of sleights, dozens of gimmicks, and literally millions of individual tricks.

It can be a little overwhelming at first.

But you only really need to know a couple of card trick basics to get started performing.

If you could only learn a couple of moves and principles, I think the most important basic sleights for card tricks are the:

  1. Mechanic’s grip & basic card handling
  2. Pinky break
  3. Double undercut (or another card control)
  4. Double lift
  5. Card force
  6. False cut or shuffle
  7. The Marlo Tilt